Network Management Services

With AI and automation embedded into our solutions, our data-driven Network Management Services are proactive, predictive and more efficient than ever.

Ericsson Operations Engine is our end-to-end solution enabling us to intelligently manage our customer's networks and services to provide superior connectivity and user experience. Powered by advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, The Ericsson Operations Engine predicts potential network issues caused by hardware, software, or external factors such as weather disturbances or customer behavior patterns. Every day, it automates nearly one million network commands, and processes alarms to prevent network issues before they happen.

Focus on what matters
Ericsson Operations Engine uses AI and automation to prioritize functions that directly impact business outcomes, reducing churn and improving customer experience.

Embrace sustainability
Ericsson Operations Engine also addresses energy management, using predictive and proactive solutions to reduce site visits, manage power load and grid efficiency, and prevent theft. Our solution enables a more predictable OPEX and reduces total cost of ownership.