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Converged Service Studio

Speed value added service creation, orchestration and deployment by using service components from Ericsson Converged Service Studio.

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Converged Service Studio Brochure

Ericsson Converged Service Studio supports quick creation, combination, orchestration and deployment of value added services. New offerings can be created from existing, new or off-the-shelf service components provided by the operator, Ericsson or third parties. Since service components can be reused in new applications, development times are greatly reduced.

Ericsson Converged Service Studio features include:

  • Service Capability Interaction Manager. Compose new and differentiated applications using existing service components and Web 2.0 mash-ups.
  • Service Creation and Composition Environment. Develop applications or service components.
  • Advanced Composition. Rapidly create, deploy and modify compositions using an intuitive graphical development environment.
  • Off-The-Shelf Applications. Jumpstart development with embedded applications such as Virtual Number, Personalized Greeting Service, Collect Call, Service Number Application, Transit Access Control, Number Portability and Home Zone Number.

Ericsson is your true business partner. With more than 12,000 systems integration experts and a full services portfolio, we provide complete support for our customers. Our experience spans 170 service delivery platform deployments and 40 percent of today’s global mobile traffic flows across our networks, serving two billion subscribers.

With Ericsson Converged Service Studio operators can:

  • Drive revenues. Enhance value added services to quickly address changing market needs.
  • Stay relevant and competitive. Innovate and differentiate with new business models and fast time-to-market.
  • Speed service creation. Quickly create and deploy services using off-the-shelf service components from Ericsson or third parties.
  • Reduce service development costs. Create and manage new value added services offerings with speed and efficiency.

Consumer and enterprise value added services are a major business driver for operators. Customers expect these services to be maintained and constantly enhanced. This includes tight integration with all of their mobile devices. Operators must meet these demands while achieving cost efficiency and rapid time-to-market.

Ericsson Converged Service Studio is a powerful service creation and composition environment that simplifies development of new services or service components. It combines a broad range of service components into innovative new applications. So you can exceed subscriber demands and stay competitive, all while driving business growth.