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Unified Service Exposure

Use the Ericsson Unified Service Exposure service enablement solution to share key assets with partners for the creation of innovative services that open new revenue streams.

What is Ericsson Unified Service Exposure? Why Ericsson? Fully Leverage Key Data Assets Links

Ericsson Unified Service Exposure is a service enablement solution that provides a framework for operators to securely expose and monetize network assets with internal and external partners. It supports flexible business models and can be used to enable B2C, B2B and B2B2C applications. Key features include:

  • Exposed business agreement protection. Automatically protect B2B partner and operator business agreements with advanced business, automated service-level agreement, and policy management processes and policies.
  • Real-time asset protection. Protect exposed network assets in real-time against overload, congestion and external attacks.
  • Portfolio innovation. Enable flexible deployment models and easy integration between operator and business-partner infrastructures.

Ericsson is a true, long-term business partner that delivers best-in-class solutions. With more than 12,000 systems integration experts and a full services portfolio, we provide end to end support for our customers. Our experience spans 170 service delivery platform deployments and 40 percent of today’s global mobile traffic flows across our networks, serving two billion subscribers.

Ericsson Unified Service Exposure is part of a complete solution that is powered by Ericsson’s Service Enablement Platform, a service delivery platform which is proven for efficient and flexible communication with millions of consumers.

Consider Ericsson Unified Service Exposure to enable:

  • New business models. Expose and monetize network assets to create new revenue streams.
  • Superior user experience. Provide a wealth of personalized and exciting new services with easy billing.
  • Enrichment of existing services. Enrich services with additional functionality, such as location-based messaging.
  • Innovation. Stimulate innovative applications, products and services by making it easy for players in the Networked Society to access and benefit from valuable data assets.

Ericsson Unified Service Exposure makes it easy for operators to securely share valuable data, assets and network capabilities with partners in the Networked Society. These data, assets and network capabilities can enable new applications, bundles, products and services that support diverse business models and drive revenue. The solution works with existing OSS/BSS systems to help operators provide more than just connectivity and become a key enabler in the over-the-top (OTT) value chain. This comprehensive service enablement solution also provides full control over how customer data, operator assets and network capabilities are shared and managed to ensure operators maintain subscriber trust.