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Antenna System

The base station Antenna System is one of the most crucial links in a Radio Access Network.

The quality of the components in the antenna system ultimately determines the effectiveness of the RBS at the radio site. A poor antenna system can severely reduce the radio network performance even when using top quality Ericsson Radio System hardware.

Today's complex antenna systems, involving multiple frequencies as well as multiple technologies on the same radio site, puts great demands on the ability to create effective antenna system solutions.

Many of the antenna system components are passive devices. The link budget can often be improved without an increase in power consumption by choosing proper antenna system products.

Ericsson provides a full range of antenna system products ranging from:

  • Base station Antennas
  • Tower Mounted Amplifiers
  • Feeders and jumpers
  • Filters & Combiners
  • Various installation accessories


Ericsson Supply & Logistics
A well-developed logistical system with strategically selected stocks of high volume products and regional delivery points, based on forecasting information, gives short lead-times to ensure fast site roll out.

Ericsson Knowledge
RBS Site Solutions are continuously focused on providing operators with cost efficient standardized systems that can be easily upgraded.
For a customer, an antenna system is not just a purchase item, it is a long term investment in Radio Network quality.