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Enclosure & Power

Ericsson's power offering includes a complete range of indoor and outdoor power systems for traditional radio sites, transmission sites and indoor small cell systems such as Ericsson Radio DOT System. Ericsson power solutions are designed to fit site types whether they are centralized or distributed.

Our range of outdoor and indoor power products supports Macro, Main-Remote and Hybrid sites (a mix of integrated and external radios). Power solutions for sites ranging from small wall/pole and Ericsson Rail mounted systems, up to largely sized enclosures are available depending on the sites’ traffic capability and future migration requirements. AC Power solutions for tower installations have been introduced. This means that thinner copper cables can be used reducing the cost of cables (less copper) as well as reducing the total weight of cabling. Energy metering functionality is implemented and integrated into the power system so that customers have detailed and timely visibility of the energy consumption in their network.

Power backup systems provide extended (priority) backup power to the sites' important transmission equipment.

OSS/ENM or the Remote Site manager manages the power system and provides remote software update, energy management system supervision and inventory energy metering capabilities.