Gigabit LTE

Gigabit LTE is a major milestone on the road to 5G. By offering 1 Gbps and beyond, operators can meet the need for LTE capacity and speed as users quickly adopt new apps, consume and share content at a high pace, wherever they are.

More flexible with Ericsson

Ericsson offers the markets best Gigabit flexibility as it can aggregate up to 5 carriers, combine FDD and TDD or combine FDD and unlicensed (LAA). All combinations are supported from one Baseband board, reducing the footprint and the power consumption to a minimum. Ericsson offers both outdoor and indoor Gigabit LTE, enabling operators to prepare Gigabit LTE indoor as well as for macro sites.

One board only

Uniquely aggregates FDD and TDD carriers from just one RAN Compute board

Add unlicensed

Gigabit LTE speeds possible from just one FDD carrier when combining with three unlicensed carriers applying LAA

Ready for the future

Runs on a future-proof 5G ready RAN Compute