Lean Carrier

Leads the industry in 5G research

Ericsson's commitment to lead the industry in 5G research and development will also benefit today's smartphone users on LTE networks using Ericsson Lean Carrier.

Smartphone users want faster speeds and trouble-free, drop-free connections. Ericsson Lean Carrier delivers up to 50% improvement in downlink throughput while reducing dropped connections up to 20%. And, Ericsson Lean Carrier works on today's LTE devices.

Ericsson Lean Carrier is a software upgrade for mobile networks. It uses the ultra-lean design concepts Ericsson is developing for 5G networks adapted for existing LTE network deployments.


Higher speed, fewer drops

50% higher downlink speed, 20% less dropped calls


Ultra-lean design concepts from 5G adapted for today's LTE

Better app coverage

More connected time applying 256 QAM for a shorter time-to-content