Rural Coverage

Operators today have invested heavily in spectrum. In addition they have invested in sites and a large subscriber base. However they are not monetizing the spectrum on all sites, which means the subscribers are not able to get the highest bit rates in all parts of the network. The main reason for this is that some sites have less revenues since there are fewer subscribers connected to these sites.

Traditional site deployment is optimized for a high growth scenario meaning the cost to deploy solutions using all spectrum is quite high. This limits deployment on the low revenue sites to GSM or GSM + WCDMA. On other sites single band LTE is often deployed even if operators have LTE spectrum on multiple bands. Our Rural Coverage portfolio contains low TCO solutions enabling operators to cost effectively deploy MBB using all their spectrum assets across the network.

Some areas have no coverage at all and here operators face a challenge to build new sites. Alternatives to traditional sites are required to overcome this barrier. The rural coverage portfolio here contains sites with reduced tower load and power consumption, which provide coverage and support multiple standards without the need for over-dimensioning the tower and power supply-the two main cost dirvers for new site build.



Low TCO for rural

Cost-efficient MBB service profitable for rural areas

Boost app coverage

Provide Carrier Aggregation for 3 sector LTE sites via one radio add-on

Go solar

Provide triple standard coverage over a pure solar-powered site