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RBS 6402

The RBS 6402 is a high performance indoor pico cell offering 9 frequency bands and up to 300 Mbps with LTE carrier aggregation. The flexibility, cost-effectiveness and performance in a tablet-sized footprint make it optimal for indoor environments up to 5,000 square meters. This small cell has low energy consumption, high security, and is easy to deploy with Power-over-Ethernet.  The system packages two 3GPP radios in a sleek 2.8 litre form factor.  It supports 128 active LTE users, with multi-standard options (LTE, WCDMA), LAA as well as mixed-mode capabilities. A network can be live in 10 minutes with plug-and-play installation leveraging SON features.

Fast installation

10 minutes to Network-live in

High speed

300 Mbps LTE carrier aggregation


9 bands in one unit