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Massive MIMO


The Massive MIMO portfolio offers a wide range of Antenna Integrated Radios for maximum 5G experience and capacity. The portfolio includes industry-leading lightweight and energy efficient options, combined with real-time beamforming capabilities supporting both TDD mid-bands, mmWave and FDD bands. 

The portfolio spans from 16T16R to 64T64R Advanced Antenna Systems (AAS) including active and passive hybrid and interleaved solutions. The portfolio provides a superior Massive MIMO active antenna architecture optimized for minimum footprint, addressing every need, from urban to rural capacity. The portfolio is powered by Ericsson Silicon, enabling the innovative coverage benefits of the Uplink Booster, making Ericsson Radio System Massive MIMO stronger than ever.


Ultra lightweight

Industry-leading weight and enegy efficiency, for easy rollouts and low opex

Ericsson Silicon

Tightly integrated Ericsson Silicon for best performance, smallest footprint and reduced power consumption

Ericsson Uplink Booster

Gain 10dB in TDD coverage through Ericsson software innovation

Sales Brochure
Ericsson Uplink Booster - Sales brochure PDF Jun 24, 2021