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Ericsson Indoor Planner


Ericsson Indoor Planner is a network design tool for the Ericsson small-cell portfolio of products. It automates the planning process, which significantly reduces planning times.

Ericsson Indoor Planner is accessed using a web browser and uses a secure server for data processing. It enables users to import a floor plan and use it to create a plan for the locations of small-cell products and associated cabling. Users can modify floor attributes such as wall materials and structures to produce more accurate planning results. Users can also modify node locations to suit their own situation.

Output from Ericsson Indoor Planner includes:

  • A set of coverage map reports
  • A set of deployment reports
  • A set of cumulative distribution function (CDF)...


A web-based tool that runs on a laptop with Chrome or iPad Pro with Safari

Simple operation

Easy to use and configure

Specialized tool

Developed for indoor small cell design