Street Macro

The challenges that operators have in metropolitan areas are to grow their capacity beyond what is possible on their rooftop macro sites. For this, Ericsson has introduced the Street Macro layer in the network model. It is a layer that sits between the macro- and the micro layer. Radio products for this layer are typically located below the roof top levels in city environments. Radio products for this Street Macro layer combine the high output power levels of macro radios with the ease-of-site-build that micro products have.

Ericsson is aligning its transport network products to meet the capacity and aesthetics with the Street Macro radios.  For example, adapting the Fronthaul 6000 to ensure an integrated and complete Street Macro solution with the fastest possible deployment time.


Quick densification

Allows network densification in metropolitan areas, where no new rooftop sites are available


Products including integrated transport, with ease-of-site-build to use below rooftop level

Attractive coverage

Attractive output power levels to cover large areas