SON Optimization Manager

Self-organizing networks (SON) are a critical enabler supporting the widespread deployment of mobile broadband technologies, and, with network complexity continuing to increase and functionalities such as self-configuring, self-optimizing, and self-healing now indispensable for running modern mobile networks, multiple standards and an expanding ecosystem of equipment providers need the automation of as much network planning, designing, building, and optimization as possible.

This need has given rise to the Ericsson SON Optimization Manager —  a hybrid SON solution leveraging automation and a stepwise analysis approach to optimize networks where they make the most use of already available functionalities. Together with Ericsson Network Manager and Network IQ Statistics, SON Optimization Manager delivers a full suite of tools to orchestrate centralized and distributed SON functionalities, using Ericsson SON Optimization Manager also provides the ability to create user defined customized use cases via SDK, multi-technology modules to mediate centralized read and write access in the network. Operating autonomously, the solution employs field-proven algorithms in network data analysis to determine the next best steps for implementation, collecting performance and configuration data, analyzing and processing it, and automatically adjusting network configuration parameters in either a closed- or open-loop manner. This means that once setup and configuration is complete, no manual intervention is required.


Automated compensation for cell outages

drawing from surrounding cells to return lost coverage. This is of great use in daily situations and has been proven during extreme situations (such as natural disasters)

Automated VoLTE optimization

creating the perfect balance between mobile broadband and VoLTE support

Optimized radio performance

using LTE remote electrical tilt (RET) to adjust RET in antennas

Automated centralized automatic neighbor relations (C-ANR) optimization

for 3G and 4G radio environments

Optimized 3G/4G coverage , capacity, and centralized mobility load Balancing (CCLB)

as separate but complementary features, where nearly 30 cell and neighbor relation parameters are continuously optimized to achieve the best possible balance

Using Ericsson SON Optimization Manager

Consider using SON Optimization Manager to improve:

  • Capabilities, leveraging the best of network assets
  • Scalability, easily introducing new use cases for networks large and small as industry demands evolve
  • Flexibility, enabling service providers to configure different use cases, at different times, in different parts of the network, depending on network conditions and requirements.
  • Adaptability, relying on a flexible, modular structure able to service multiple technologies
  • Ability to create user customized use cases via SDK openness of API, access to intelligent insights