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New technology implementations or digital transformations don’t just end with deployment. Building employee competence to maximize the benefits of technologies and processes is crucial. 

Change has always been a constant in telecom. But the pace of that change has never been faster as operators eye 5G, virtualization and try to do more with existing networks. Whether faced with a long-term transformation project, deployment of new technologies or a quick network upgrade, operators can only succeed if they have people and processes that can provide the right support.

Evolving business processes and workflows can result in organizational complexities that impact executives, managers and users. This opens the door to digital transformation challenges. Success means properly instilling team competence across new solutions and technologies to maximize productivity and meet profitability and customer experience demands.

Building Employee Competencies To Meet Digital Transformation Opportunities

Ericsson Learning Services prepares teams to effectively support the new technologies and solutions that are driving new operator strategies. We bring deep knowledge and experience from Ericsson development and solution projects to help our customers successfully transform in the pursuit of 5G and IoT, including digital, voice and cloud domains. We provide training at all levels to ensure personnel have the necessary competence to maximize business results.

Competence management is an investment in successful key business strategies. Ericsson assesses each customer’s unique situation and competencies and analyzes needs to tailor the right learning approach. Our training enhances internal competence by creating a strong base of leading-edge skills and expertise. Teams can update skills and competence as necessary to address emerging technology and business changes. Closing critical skill gaps can have a significant impact on improving current network performance and quality.

Why Ericsson?

We believe no one matches our ability to efficiently build the required employee competence levels in large-scale transformations while minimizing the impact of on-going operations. Our processes, methods and tools have been proven in competence transformation programs both internally and externally, and across multiple regions. We bring extensive expertise, ensuring that organizations can maximize the benefits of new tools and processes. Ericsson has developed a range of assets to ensure increased productivity and improved people performance. Ericsson has more than 25 education centers worldwide, staffed by 400 experienced learning consultants and instructors and serving students from more than 150 countries.

Learning Services is:

Training Programs: A range of predefined Ericsson training packages is supported by flexible delivery methods and performed in a multi-technology environment. The portfolio consists of more than 800 courses.

Digital Learning: Online digital learning is integrated into blended approaches for maximum results.

Competence Transformation: End-to-end transformation support is provided through a framework that manages unique combinations of Ericsson and third-party products.

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Our range of products
Competence Transformation Programs

Applies a job-role based content development and delivery structure to optimize performance.

Training Programs

Offers a range of predefined training packages, supported by flexible delivery methods.



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