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Site Engineering


As service providers all over the world evolve their networks to 5G, more efficient ways of deploying these networks and managing their increasing complexity are required. To cope with the demands of a 5G roll-out effectively, Ericsson’s traditional Site Engineering services needed a boost. Intelligent Site Engineering includes the latest technology, together with AI and machine learning capabilities designed to make the delivery of networks more efficient and shorten time to market. Intelligent Site Engineering applies to everything from a simple node to complete site solutions, and the work is carried out using Ericsson’s proven engineering methods and tools. The service is available for all network elements in Ericsson’s portfolio, and is valid for new or upgraded installations and swaps.



We reduce tower climbs, minimizing personnel and project risks and hence raising safety levels.


Through digitalization, we minimize the need for site re-visits, limiting the environmental impact of operations.


Remote site engineering work includes quantifying site materials and equipment, avoiding mistakes.