End-to-End Network Optimization

Operators optimize their networks for data, which long ago surpassed voice traffic. But the new reality is not just data, it is apps. And the biggest driver of smartphone customer loyalty is end user experience. In this environment, your network performance KPIs need to capture your customers' in-app experience. So, do they?

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The End-to-End Optimization service offering enables you to understand your end-users’ app experience by correlating Network KPIs and Service KPIs, identifying subpar performance in the network and optimizing where it matters for your end-users' app experience.

End-to-End Network Optimization brings the users' app experience into focus in the process of improving network performance. In addition to the conventional network-related KPIs, it focus on service KPIs which are tailored to the specific apps and services used in each local market. These metrics are generally linked to four key criteria: availability, accessibility, integrity, and retainability. Armed with information correlating Network KPIs with local Service KPI objectives, performance opportunities in the network are identified. Ericsson's Network Design and Optimization experts can then optimize to meet specific local objectives and specify future investments which will matter most to the end-users.