Deployment Solutions

Deployment Solutions adresses Network Roll-Out Services for Ericssons Radio, Packet Transport and Transmission networks. 

The market for Network Roll-Out Services will continue to be driven by growth in mobile subscriptions and data traffic over the coming years. Specifically transforming today's networks to 5G is key to keeping pace with the demands of an evolving Networked Society supporting new business cases and opportunities.

Deployment Solutions supports Core 3 and SL Build Teams in pre-sales of projects for selected new areas. They include NRO specific solutions such as "Modernization and Swap" as well as the NRO parts of BNEW Target Solutions and Go-To-Market colatteral for 5G.
Deployment Solutions are built up by NRO Service Products and their standard service objects for BNEW HW/SW products. NRO Service Products are modular and can be combined and adapted to match local customer requests.

NRO Business Framework is used in order to provide guidance on the best practices as regards the commercial packaging of the service scope of each solution.
Please note: Deployment Solutions are not specific for a customer case and will require local adaptation before presenting to a customer.

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