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Network Support


Network Support brings data driven fault isolation in complex ecosystems including cloud networks which is also required to efficient address the complexities in 5G systems. Our data driven fault isolation results in fast resolution to network issues, ensures stable and secure networks; and comprising these advanced services:

Ericsson Network Support (Software): Ericsson Network Support (Software) service addresses the software support needs for the operator’s increasingly complex network environments that are comprised of legacy, virtualized, and cloud native solutions.  It uses advanced data-driven support techniques coupled with a deep domain and network expertise to preclude many incidents from arising. For those that may occur, the service quickly isolates the fault and provides an accurate solution. By the best of advanced automation, it brings simplicity to the ever-growing complexity of today’s multi-layer, multi-domain solution deployments.   

Ericsson Network Hardware Support with Ericsson Hardware Services Connect: Network Hardware Support with Ericsson Hardware Services Connect brings smart technology to field operations for faster isolation and resolution of issues. It combines network data and historical trends to bring actionable real-time information to field technicians and network managers. With remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, it is possible to isolate faults with increased accuracy. 

Ericsson Spare Parts Management: Spare Parts Management service provides the operator’s field engineers with access to the parts needed to maintain and restore the network. Ericsson will plan, store and deliver the parts using our extensive network of logistic hubs and local parts depot. 


Fast Diagnostic

Data Driven Support delivery with Engineered Intelligence enables fast and accurate fault isolation.

Time to Resolution

Lead time and site visit reduction by accurate localization of the faults and ?reduction of tower climbs.

Stable and Secure Networks

Reduced critical incidents on solution level, and adherent to security and data integrity regulations.

Support Network Slicing

Efficiently address inherent technology complexity across network domains including managing multi-vendor ecosystem fault isolation.

Network support services

Ericsson and Telefonica nominated in GLOMO 2022! Learn how to scale 5G to meet the four-fold traffic increase expected by 2025, reducing network energy consumption while keeping network performance and user experience.

Network support services