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Service Continuity


Service Continuity offers AI-powered and pre-emptive support empowered by close collaboration and an Always-On delivery, to achieve 5G operational readiness. Service Continuity services are enabled by advanced predictive automation and actionable preemptive insights via Ericsson Network Intelligence. It addresses critical performance to achieve specific customer business outcomes​, while simplifying operations and delivering service continuity. It is built up on data-driven research and global expertise – delivered locally and includes two services, comprising:  

Ericsson Service Continuity for 4G and 5G: Enables our customers’ networks to take corrective actions ahead of time to avoid impact to the end user, helping customers transform network operations from reactive to proactive. 

Ericsson Service...


Optimized User Experience

Reduced critical network incidents with insights gained up to two hours before any network impact. Issues are resolved automatically within five minutes of data collection starting.

Improved Network Quality

AI-powered preemptive support addressing critical performance, while simplifying operations and enabling an Always-On network.

Co-Created Solutions

Ideation and co-creation of use cases to achieve specific customer outcomes.

Support Network Slicing

Secure underlaying E2E network performance, preemption insights and service continuity to fulfil the new 5G services SLA for each network slice.