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Network Security

Network security is becoming increasingly critical as the industry moves into IoT, 5G and virtualization. Operators providing higher-level security are becoming the preferred choice by end-users and enterprise customers. Low cost, high volume IoT devices, and the continuous network evolution toward open and virtualized environments, increases the number of attack vectors in the network. At the same time, operators need to address potential security gaps when traffic passes through interconnected networks.

Holistic security management is essential to ensuring security and privacy, so Ericsson provides security solutions spanning networks from access to core, with integrated management tools. Capabilities include fast detection of network anomalies based on security analytics, and adaptive security provided by looping back analytics to policy automation. Security is made visible with automated and repeatable processes, with an end-to-end scope.

RAN Security solution

The Ericsson RAN Security solution provides protection through authentication and encryption for the Ericsson Radio System and the broader network infrastructure. The solution integrates and verifies all the key components and technologies required to secure the radio and transport networks, and especially the radio nodes deployed in untrusted, public areas. Fully compatible with the Ericsson Radio System, the solution comprises a Security Gateway, public key infrastructure systems and certificate management.

Cloud Core Security solution

Security threats and attacks to core IP networks are constantly evolving. This is placing more pressure on network operators and enterprises to make sure key network assets, services, and data in transit stay protected. The Cloud Core Security solution has been created with this in mind, and serves to protect network operators from new attacks that can target services and applications at higher layers. By introducing network security functions like intrusion detection and prevention, antivirus/malware and content filtering, organizations can protect their systems. Perimeter protection, including the protection of interconnecting mobile networks, is an essential solution component, using internet gateways or firewalls, traffic domain separation (in the form of VLAN and VPN structure), access control and node hardening.
Connection points are prime targets for attack. Location tracking, eavesdropping, credential theft, SMS interception and discovery of the network topology are just some of the risks presented.



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