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IoT Accelerator Cloud Connect


Making secure connections to public cloud IoT endpoints easy 

Ericsson IoT Accelerator Cloud Connect makes it easy for enterprises to securely connect cellular devices to public cloud IoT endpoints. AWS IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Central are rapidly becoming the most popular endpoints for connecting IoT devices. However, they are optimized for advanced gateways and broadband devices and have limited support for low-power devices. 

IoT Accelerator Cloud Connect allows low-power devices to seamlessly connect in their native protocols via IPSEC tunnels to the edge of the cellular network. Their payloads are converted and encrypted for the last hop across the public internet to the public cloud endpoints. 

  • Public cloud IoT endpoints do not support the UDP protocols used with low-power networks such as CatM and NBIoT
  • Public cloud IoT endpoints require all devices to be encrypted with individual certificate management and resultant workflows.
  • Public cloud IoT encryption requirements can end up exploding data usage and halving battery life on low-power devices.
  • Interoperability: Low-power cellular devices such as sensors, meters, or tracking devices can now talk securely via simple UDP protocols with public cloud IoT endpoints without any middleware platforms required.
  • Simplicity: All security and complexity from the device is moved to the network’s edge with seamless automated provisioning and no need to ever think about encryption or certificate management.
  • Improved customer experience: Better performance through lower power consumption, data consumption and device memory/CPU requirements.
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Enterprise info sheet - Cloud Connect PDF Sep 24, 2021

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