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IoT Accelerator Developer Portal


Helping develop your products and services 

The IoT Accelerator Developer Portal helps you build, deploy and manage connectivity, applications and processes on IoT Accelerator. It provides developers with a digital experience channel to complement the official documentation supplied by Ericsson.

The IoT Accelerator Developer Portal makes developers' lives easier by providing:

  • A structured documentation and toolkit repository.
  • A developer community enablement framework.

What’s more, it offers a self-service troubleshooting tool that can reduce the number of support requests unrelated to faults and user experience issues.


IoT Accelerator can help you build and customize application-based services and capabilities. Learn how to use and test the APIs.

API documentation
Access your services and business logics through the APIs and start building your applications on top of IoT Accelerator.

Use the guidelines and tutorials to familiarize yourself with the APIs and service portal. You’ll also find instructions and how-to guides for the most commonly used features.

Demos Explore multiple use cases for a variety of business purposes and gain inspiration for how you can best utilize IoT Accelerator. Demos are all related to elements of the commercial IoT portfolio.


Take advantage of powerful tools to accelerate your business by creating detailed use cases for your IoT application.

Device deployment Manage connectivity on multiple device types through IoT Accelerator Connectivity Management.

Application development Accelerate the development of complex applications when you test your use cases and guidelines with IoT Accelerator's APIs and capabilities.

Enterprise integration Use the guidelines and IoT Accelerator business processes to learn how to easily and effectively integrate your key enterprise systems.

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Commercial Presentation
Enterprise info sheet - Developer Portal PDF Sep 24, 2021

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