IoT Accelerator Device Connect


Enabling global adoption of cellular IoT connectivity

IoT Accelerator Device Connect helps enterprises secure cellular access for eSIMs that require no additional integration before their devices enter the market, vastly accelerating time to market. With pre-integrated eSIMs, deploying IoT devices and accessing managed IoT connectivity services becomes much easier for enterprises.

IoT Accelerator Device Connect, built in partnership with Thales, provides the level of trust and security required by enterprises.

Enterprise challenges
  • Cost and complexity: Many enterprises cannot afford the benefits of eSIM based connectivity today because of the additional integration required.
  • Deployment and supply chain efficiency: Enterprises need to manage SIMs in multiple devices, resulting in multuple stock-keeping units (SKUs). This leads to difficulties with deployment and supply chain efficiency.

Enterprise benefits

Control time and cost

  • Optimizes costs and simplifies processes by removing the hassle and expense of multiple integrations.
  • Reducing operational costs for remotely provisioning connectivity into industrial and business grade connected products.

Improve user experience

  • Increases simplicity by enabling a single stock-keeping unit (SKU) for devices and connectivity throughout an established ecosystem of leading mobile operator and module vendors.


  • Accelerates time to market for global deployments by helping enterprises quickly adopt cellular IoT connectivity by simplifying the deployment of devices with pre-integrated eSIMs.