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New CEO of Ericsson-LG appointed

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  • Håkan Cervell is appointed as new CEO of Ericsson-LG, effective April 1, 2019
  • He will continue current role as Head of Ericsson Taiwan until his successor is appointed 
  • Cervell owns extensive experience through various management positions within Ericsson
Press release
Apr 01, 2019
Håkan Cervall

Håkan Cervell is appointed as new CEO of Ericsson-LG from April 1st 2019. Mr. Cervell will be responsible for all Ericsson-LG business activities in Korea.

Since he joined Ericsson in 1990, he has held various management positions including a member of Ericsson Market North East Asia leadership team.

His most recent position at Ericsson is Head of Ericsson Taiwan, and he will continue this role until his successor is appointed. He has led sales and strategy development with outstanding achievements.

He is also a strong advocate of Ericsson’s the quest for easy promise, and he lays a solid foundation of Ericsson’s thought leadership in the industry.