Ericsson modernizes Hydro-Quebec’s network inventory system

  • Ericsson extends partnership with Hydro-Québec on network inventory management system
  •  Agreement includes a modernization project using Ericsson’s latest solution, Adaptive Inventory
  •   Project will include the development of new use cases, leading to a more automated and efficient management of network inventory
Press release
Oct 18, 2019
Ericsson Montreal office building

Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) has extended its long-term partnership in Network Inventory Management with Hydro-Québec, Canada’s largest electrical utility based in the province of Québec.

The agreement includes Ericsson’s latest solution, Adaptive Inventory, which enables the automation of multiple network inventory processes while having the service and resource inventory always available and accurate.

The two companies are joining forces for a modernization project aiming at extending the usage of the solution to more departments in Hydro-Québec. The goal is to increase Hydro-Québec’s efficiency by automating processes and taking advantage of the latest product advanced features in network inventory.

Graham Osborne, Head of Ericsson Canada, says: “Hydro-Québec is a leader in its field and we are grateful to extend our partnership to help them improve their ways of working, using our latest Adaptive Inventory product. Modernizing their network inventory will bring immediate improvements to help increase Hydro-Québec’s efficiency every day.”

The modernization project is expected to be complete in the second half of 2020.