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Ericsson welcomes EU trade ministers of the "Digital 9+"

On October 18, Ericsson welcomed the ‘Digital 9’ (D9+ ) - a group of European Ministers for digitalization and the European Single Market” - for discussions on the opportunities and the challenges of driving European digitalization. The event showcased how governments and business can work better together for a more connected EU.

The D9+ event was a unique opportunity to meet government representatives from the EU’s ‘digital front runners’ and host their annual ministerial meeting under the roof of the Ericsson Studio. Ericsson showcased how the digitalization of EU industries can promote data innovation, competition and growth through 5G and IoT during an opening presentation and walk-through demo sessions.

Creating forward-thinking digital policies is a priority for the D9+, and the meeting enabled Ericsson to contribute to a broader conversation on how insightful policy making can help increase the socio-economic benefits of technologies in the future.

5G as a platform for digitalization

Ulf Pehrsson, VP of Government and Industry Relations at Ericsson, and Rene Summer, Director of Government and Industry Relations at Ericsson, opened the event by highlighting the importance of 5G to industries and manufacturing. Themes also covered the importance of openness to global markets, how cybersecurity can support competitiveness and leadership, and how to approach policy when it comes to data protection and international data flows. The meeting was also attended by other industry representatives from ABB, McKinsey and Google.

Speaking from the event, Summer says: “The D9+ has a particular ambition in being on the edge of progressive side of digital policy development. This makes it especially interesting for Ericsson to make sure that we can be as helpful as possible in empowering this group with the relevant knowledge and understanding so they can make the best possible decisions, now and in the future.”

The Digital 9+

The D9 was the initiative of Ann Linde, Swedish Minister for EU Affairs and Trade, who established the group in September 2016 after concerns of a slowdown in the development of EU digitalization. Today, the group D9+ has grown to consist of 11 EU trade ministers, who together are pushing their agenda in securing progressive digital policies for Europe. They also hope to influence   other  EU member states , who D9+ perceives to be less ambitious with digital policy making in the EU.

 “We are proud and honoured that the Swedish minister who is hosting this ministerial event chose to come to Ericsson,” says Pehrsson. “The more we can engage with ministers and regulators to raise awareness of these issues, explain where technology is taking us, and how society can fully benefit from digitalization, the more we can ensure that we really digitalize Europe. I think the prospects are very good.”

Our focus

We believe in open trade and the positive contribution that technology can make in society. The D9 meeting highlights how important it is for key players in the industry to ensure that policy makers are well informed, so that they understand the opportunities, the challenges and the implications of the choices they will make for a better, more connected EU. 


Ann Linde at Ericsson Lunch Meeting
D9 ministers at Ericsson Studio

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