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Cyber security

A hyper-connected, open community based on trust is Ericsson’s vision of the Networked Society. When everything gets connected, society, industries and people will be immensely affected. ICT infrastructure is becoming increasingly mission-critical for industries as well as society. Remote control and monitoring of industrial systems and self-driving vehicles are just two examples. At the same time, cyber-attacks are unfortunately becoming realities.

Trust in a hyper-connected world

ICT infrastructure is becoming increasingly mission-critical for large industry, as well as society as a whole. As the threat landscape evolves, products, services, processes and technologies need to be equipped with capabilities to detect, respond and stop attacks both from outside and inside before  any damage is caused.

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Securing the evolving cyber environment

The world is becoming increasingly connected. An emergence of 5G, IoT (Internet of Things) and the digitalization of business means a greater reliance on ICT (Information Communication Technology). While this will bring huge opportunities, it will also lead to an increase in risk. The security surrounding the ICT infrastructure and the data it handles will become even more critical in the digital environment.

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IOT security

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding rapidly, and is expected to comprise 18 billion connected devices by 2020. But the assumptions of trust which formed the backdrop to the early development of the internet no longer apply in the early stages of IoT development. Privacy and security concerns are ever increasing, especially given the growing significance of IoT in corporate, government, and critical infrastructure contexts.

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