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Omdia market landscape: RAN vendors 2023

Omdia market landscape: RAN vendors 2023

Omdia report 2023

OMDIA Market Landscape: RAN Vendors 2023 is an annual assessment of the main radio access network (RAN) vendors.

  • Considering two dimensions, business performance and portfolio, Omdia positioned 9 RAN vendors into three groups: market leaders, major challengers, and upcoming vendors.
  • Ericsson ranked as the leader across both business performance and portfolio dimensions. Ericsson is strong across all categories, and its key strengths include its radio portfolio breadth, Massive MIMO products, and baseband units’ power efficiency.


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Omdia RAN RAN vendor positioning

Omdia RAN RAN vendor positioning. Source: Omdia

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5G is about connecting things everywhere while enabling new use cases. A 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) relies on a fully coordinated, multi-layer network with low-band, mid-band and high-band to provide wireless connectivity to devices and deliver the best network performance.

Ericsson Radio System

Ericsson Radio System is an end-to-end modular and scalable radio access network consisting of hardware, software and services. Its portfolio includes products in the areas of Antenna, Radio, RAN Compute, Site and Transport solutions – all managed by a common management system.

Massive MIMO

The new performance demands on networks require new levels of spectral efficiency, and flexibility. Massive MIMO technology offers communication service providers the larger bandwidth of the mid-band to deliver powerful 5G experiences nationwide.