Ericsson ConsumerLab Podcasts – The voice of the consumer

Episode #14 - #OMG Social media is here to stay

Listen to Consumer Lab's André Gualda and Karina Shyrokykh talk more about the report's key finding in the latest episode of the Ericsson News Podcast.

Episode # 13 - 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2018

Head of ConsumerLab Pernilla Jonsson and Head of Research ConsumerLab Michael Björn discuss the 10 Hot Consumer trends and the insights and implications from an early adopter user perspective on ICT Technology.

Episode #12 - TV and Media 2017

ConsumerLab's Senior Advisors Anders Erlandsson and André Gualda discuss insights and implications as consumers TV and Media habits are shifting towards on-demand and mobile.

Episode #11 – From Healthcare to Homecare

In this podcast Ericsson ConsumerLab's Vishnu Singh explains how 5G is expected to impact healthcare transformation and how patients may be able to take more control of their healthcare in future as a result.

Episode #10 - 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2017

Did you know that, 35 percent of advanced internet users want an AI advisor at work? AI is an important theme this year and consumers see it playing a much more prominent role than before - both in society and at work. Take a look into the future, and listen to this podcast where Ericsson ConsumerLab presents 10 trends for 2017 and beyond.

Episode #9 - Experience shapes mobile customer loyalty

Did you know that consumers have devised their own mental index to judge connectivity experience? Is Net Promoter Score the best metric to gauge consumer loyalty? Consumers have heightened expectations around app and video experience over mobile broadband networks. While cellular networks have improved over time, smartphone users are still facing issues as frequently as they did in 2013. Globally, 2 in 5 face more than 11 issues at least weekly. Listen to this podcast to find out what drives customer loyalty in the telecom market today and how consumers judge the mobile broadband performance of their operators.

Episode #8 - Wearable technology and the Internet of Things

Did you know that 1 in 3 smartphone users are likely to own 5 wearable devices beyond 2020! The wearables market is still in the early phases of expansion, and currently dominated by health, wellness and activity tracking devices. In this session you will hear about consumer views on if, how and when wearables might break beyond health and wellness scenarios and cover more diverse needs. What wearables will consumers use in future? and how will this shape the IoT era? Tune in to know more.

Episode #7 - The one-click ideal

The one-click ideal symbolizes a hassle-free online experience. This superior online brand experience is what innovative brands such as Amazon and Netflix offer consumers. By making life easier for consumers and saving them time, these types of brands outpaces operators, who need to take this wake-up call seriously. Listen to this podcast from Ericsson ConsumerLab.

Episode #6 - The stress of streaming delays

How does it feel when your favorite YouTube does not load in time or it buffers? Did you know that heart rate increases with 38% with mobile content delays? When consumers turn to their smartphones to find information quickly, they want an instantaneous response. In this podcast from Ericsson ConsumerLab, we present findings from a recent neuroscience study which looks at how consumer reacts to video streaming delays and its impact on brand engagement and loyalty towards providers offering such an experience.

Episode #5 - Sharing information

The topic of privacy is delicate and sometimes contradictory. We often want to share and at the same time we want to maintain our integrity. Today we share more than ever before, from photos to status updates. By posting product reviews or blowing the whistle on a corrupt company, people can make their voices heard. At the same time, with the possibilities to quickly publish and broadcast all over the world, rumors or false accusations can be spread in an instance. Listen to this podcast discussing the growing sharing information culture.

Episode #4 - 10 hot consumer trends 2016

Did you know that consumers expect AI interfaces to start taking over from smartphone screens or that surprisingly many would like to print their own food? This episode will take you through and discuss some of the most important consumer trends for 2016 and beyond. As the adoption of networked technologies moves faster than ever, mass-market use becomes the norm quicker. What may seem like science fiction today, could be part of your everyday life already tomorrow!

Episode #3 - The networked life

In this podcast, Ericsson ConsumerLab, explores the ins and outs of consumers in the emerging networked society. Leading the way are the so called Netizens. As they spend more time online and use digital services, their perspective on life changes, leading to a networked lifestyle. Are you a Netizen yourself?

Episode #2 - Bringing families closer

If you’ve ever wondered about the impact that communication technology is having on the modern family, then listen to this podcast summarizing the Ericsson ConsumerLab report, Bringing families closer in the US. To the busy family, the mobile phone seems like the perfect tool to knit the family together during the day. On the other hand, new communication services have created new worries for parents.

Episode #1 - TV and Media

Ericsson ConsumerLab discusses the highlights from the annual TV and Media report: In this podcast we look at how consumer’s media habits and behaviors are rapidly changing, and how consumers are turning from passive linear TV couch potatoes into active on-demand binge viewers, very much in control of their own media habits.