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Ericsson’s Startup 5G Program

Startup 5G for Communication service providers

5G is more than just a technology, it is a platform for innovation. But players across the ecosystem need to work together to realize its full potential.

Join our program

The Startup 5G Program is an exciting opportunity for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to deep-dive into the world of 5G and mobile connectivity innovation. By joining our program, CSPs can explore new ways to spearhead 5G and differentiate their consumer offerings to take out a new course for their market.

About the program

Our 6-12 month program provides full support, identifies new profitable 5G opportunities and connects CSPs with startups from around the world. Backed by our consumer research and use cases roadmap, we prioritize hot new services in entertainment, gaming, sports, e-learning, and city-scale use cases tailored to each CSP's needs. Perfect for businesses looking to take their innovation to the next level, our program offers end-to-end assistance for 5G innovation.

  1. Discover
    Partners get exclusive exposure to the latest 5G consumer innovation, and access to 30 years of consumer insights from ConsumerLab’s analytical platform and the latest market insights on 5G consumer innovation from across the world.
  2. Prioritize
    Through the Startup 5G process, CSPs get exposure to various tools and close collaboration help CSPs identify key 5G use case areas and prioritize successfully monetizable opportunities. Aiming to help CSPs differentiate their 5G offering for consumers in your market.
  3. Connect
    CSPs get connected with a global network of innovators I n organized pitch sessions with a curated list of companies innovating over 5G and supported to forge commercial, showcase and PoC engagements.
CSP 5G premium launch

Our catalogue of startups

Premium E-sports Streaming

Harnessing the streaming power of 5G for the next-generation e-sport content platform.

Immersive Learning

Meet the startup aiming to make the most of children’s digital time, with augmented reality books.

Transactable AR

Innovative augmented reality solutions that add value to users in completely new ways.

How to join?

Ready to join the movement? Get in touch with your local Ericsson representative to find out how we could help you find the perfect partner for collaboration.