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Rural backbone site with traditional long haul

Ericsson Transport For Utilities


A breadth of solutions in transport securing private LTE today and futureproofing the evolution to tomorrow’s private 5G.

Mission critical Man working and talking on walkie talkie

Are you setting up your private networks to bring private long-term evolution (pLTE) to life or evolving it for higher capacity and coverage? As a trusted partner, Ericsson delivers what our customers need while reducing complexity and cost. As Utilities consider deploying pLTE, it is critical to plan the transport requirements of pLTE services — and the evolution to private 5G networks — to ensure that the cellular network performs at its best. Planning the transport network for private networks from day zero, rather than assuming the existing transport network will suffice de-risks the investment in pLTE, enabling resilient mission-critical communications.

Transport has and will continue to play an important role in meeting future capacity needs in a cost-effective manner. Ericsson is committed to helping our customers to prepare for all network cases. With our Transport portfolio, you can build for the future using today’s networks.

Start your journey to mission-critical pLTE today with Ericsson’s comprehensive transport portfolio.

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