The future of learning and education

ICT is changing the classroom

As technology continues to transform our society, those responsible for our current systems of learning and education are facing overwhelming pressure to adapt. Education technology, connected learning, and the rise of a networked society are transforming the established concept of learning, teachers’ roles, and even the nature of knowledge itself.

Lifelong learning 

Formalized education is only one of many sources for the knowledge and skills we need to be able to participate in and contribute in society. Education technology and connected learning provide almost unlimited possibilities for the continuous development of skills and knowledge throughout our lives.

Future schools

Progressive schools are already exploring the revolutionary possibilities that education technology offers. Outside many of the major educational institutions and formal educational systems, a new generation of creative individuals and entrepreneurs is emerging.

An ecosystem for learning

To fully tap the creative potential of each person, we need to move beyond mass production of knowledge and toward mass individualization of personal development. What is lacking, however, is a true educational ecosystem – one in which government, academia, teachers, businesses, and researchers work together to fundamentally rethink how education technology and connected learning can meet the future demands of our society.

The future of learning

Can ICT redefine the way we learn in the Networked Society? In this video, renowned experts and educators explain how learning and education are shifting away from a model based on memorization and repetition toward one that focuses on individual needs and self-expression.


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Ideas can change the world

Can your big ideas change the world? The annual Ericsson Innovation Awards highlight talented student innovators from around the world. Congratulations to 2015 winners, Team Blendee, for their blended learning self development platform. 
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Mixing schoolwork and leisure

According to a ConsumerLab study: Almost half of Estonian pupils use school computers for leisure activities. Many pupils also bring their own mobile phones and tablets to school to use for study purposes. This bring-your-own-device behavior blurs the boundary between leisure and school work. 
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Learning and education in the Networked Society

Learning and education in a networked society

Students and progressive teachers, empowered by technology, are turning established models of learning and education on their heads. 
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How ICT is changing the classroom

As we journey toward a networked society, ICT is unlocking the full potential of learning and education by redefining existing classroom models. 
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