Industries in Transformation

Changing the Game

ICT - information and communications technology - is radically transforming the business landscape in numerous industries. Join us as we uncover the latest industry trends by providing you with a combination of brief analyses and in-depth reports to help you stay ahead of the game.

The Economics of a networked society

This is far from the final evolution of a networked society; in fact, it is just the beginning. We can expect many more far-reaching changes to our economy, society, and environment.

Organizing for Change

Digital transformation disrupts business landscapes. Understanding the changes can help you create new business value in the age of connectivity. Get the report.

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How transformed is my industry?

Check out what kind of transformation is occurring and where it is happening.

How will 5G enable change?

5G will be a key component of a networked society and will enable almost unlimited access to information and data sharing.

Solutions that Transform

International experts join Ericsson to examine how ICT is disrupting industries and transforming efficiency.

Energizing Estonia

ICT transforming all industries

Don’t buy a car, just buy the bits you need

Technology takes transport in new direction

Ericsson drives car connectivity with Volvo and AT&T

Driving Industry Transformation

The connected car

Mobile money

On the money

On the brink of a networked society

Transport sector transformation

Get Ericsson’s view on how to create intelligent transport systems which enhance the transport sector across the world.

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Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud(CVC)

Ericsson’s CVC enables new communication channels fordrivers, passengers and vehicles leading to new business models and revenue streams.

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Like or dislike the impact of ICT on your business? Are we right or wrong in our predictions? Which areas in your work do you see as the most likely ICT-improvement candidates?

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