How much personal preference is okay to bring to work?

8. Consumerization

Individual preferences shaping the work environment

The essence

People want their work environment to be adjusted to their individual needs, and preferences and experiences from the private sphere are applied at work. They are unwilling to compromise their know-how by abiding to IT-policies that are not advantageous.

Everyone is allowed to choose their own equipment here. If they want to have two screens, then that’s what they will get. We do anything to make sure that they work as effectively as possible.
– Noom Inc., New York City


As people can be more comfortable with their work tools and other elements of the work environment; efficiency, confidence and well being at work increase.


Since employees will have diverse needs and preferences, implementing many different requirements can be time consuming and costly, and organizations must understand how much the return of these investments is, which is very hard to calculate.


In a networked society, connectivity is the starting point for new ways of innovating, collaborating and socializing. Our studies imply that the behaviors of the next generation workforce, along with market developments, will dramatically transform working life.

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