What if doing is the new diploma?

5. Do-ocracy

The era of DIY mentality

The essence

There is an emerging workplace culture characterized by a clear spirit of entrepreneurship and DIY mentality beyond pre-defined work tasks. People take a greater individual responsibility for solving problems and achieving goals.

“Henry Ford and Alfred Sloan created the ‘big company’ as we know it, and revolutionized how companies worked. Today, it’s more like ‘I want a girlfriend, I create Facebook’.”
– Richard Donkin, Author


In organizations where everyone takes individual responsibility and work on their own initiatives to solve problems and reach goals, operations can run more swiftly and efficiently. Such work environments are more stimulating and rewarding for entrepreneurial people, and companies fostering a do-ocracy culture can be more innovative and adaptive.


In order to create this kind of culture, much control has to be relinquished. But if not guided at all, employees risk running in different directions without seeing a common goal. A culture that relies on much freedom can also be demanding for people who need clear structures and much guidance.


In a networked society, connectivity is the starting point for new ways of innovating, collaborating and socializing. Our studies imply that the behaviors of the next generation workforce, along with market developments, will dramatically transform working life.

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