What are the incentives beyond money and perks?

1. Quest for meaning

Defining the purpose of individual contributions

The essence

Instead of only focusing on compensation and benefits, or the title on the business card, it is increasingly important to contribute to society. To play a meaningful role is crucial, and it is no longer sufficient for companies to just give money to charity and have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) section on their website. People seek companies whose visions and purposes are grounded in genuine values.

“We don’t hire people that can just do the job at hand. The mission has to resonate with our employees personally, which is why we need to engage the whole individual.”
– Noom Inc, New York City


”Companies that employ “the right people”, i.e. people who share the same values, see a greater level of commitment and efficiency; thus, these employees are more often better brand advocates.


For established companies without clear ideals, it is challenging to find and express a true story for the brand that people really believe in. For large organizations it can be hard to define how each individual contribution matter.


In a networked society, connectivity is the starting point for new ways of innovating, collaborating and socializing. Our studies imply that the behaviors of the next generation workforce, along with market developments, will dramatically transform working life.

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We are on the brink of an extraordinary revolution. A world connected in real time will place many new requirements on all of us while opening up opportunities beyond our imagination. Our new networked society essentials kit explores the emerging possibilities of a connected world.

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