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7. The exchange place

From physical working space to meaningful exchange

The essence

There is a shift from storing and controlling employees in the workplace to making sure that the exchange is meaningful and rewarding. The working environment should primarily be designed to optimize the quality of interpersonal exchange.

“Space will be developed and managed by theatrical directors that are creating the social environments where creativity is most likely to happen. It is more open-ended – it requires a new entrepreneurship – and bringing together different type of competences like you would in a theatrical production.”
– Frank Duffy, Architect and Founder of DEGW


Focusing mainly on interpersonal exchange-related activities, rather than storage of employees, who rarely are at their desks anyway, is a much more cost-efficient use of space.


This requires organizations to create a workplace of meaningful exchange, as well as progressive strategies for enabling employees to work from outside the office, in terms of technical infrastructure. It also imposes that organizations will have to give up some control over employees. Such an environment can also be stressful for introverts.


In a networked society, connectivity is the starting point for new ways of innovating, collaborating and socializing. Our studies imply that the behaviors of the next generation workforce, along with market developments, will dramatically transform working life.

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