Evolved HD voice for LTE – a new mobile voice experience

Evolved HD voice for LTE graph

Voice services still play an important role in a mobile broadband world, since people intuitively expect voice service quality to be as high as possible. HD voice is a fully developed and standardized technology that has been deployed by well over 100 operators in more than 70 countries on 2G, 3G and LTE networks.

To develop HD voice even further and provide improved voice and music quality in LTE networks, Super-Wideband (SWB) and Fullband (FB) support have been introduced. Mobile voice services have to utilize interoperable voice codecs and should also leverage and interwork seamlessly with current HD voice services in 2G, 3G and LTE networks. A new evolved HD voice solution, called Enhanced Voice Service (EVS), has recently been agreed in 3GPP standardization to meet these requirements.

The telecom industry and its users would benefit from securing full industry traction for this new solution, so that operators can continue building globally interoperable, high-quality voice offerings for an all-IP based communications world.