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Data Centric Security

With businesses becoming more and more connected, protecting your critical data is more important than ever. Data failure can be disastrous – especially within essential services such as energy, transportation and healthcare. Using blockchain technology, our Data Centric Security solution allows you to detect attacks in near-real time, so you can be sure your data is safe.


In the past, it was all about data confidentiality, but now data integrity is on everyone's mind. Data integrity is a huge focus for organizations as the Internet of Things (IoT) plays an increasing role in our daily lives. Take the data sent by heart monitors. Instead of worrying about whether the data is being observed, it's more important to make sure it hasn't been tampered with. In this case, an attack on the integrity of the data could (literally) prove fatal.

And that's not all. Whether we're talking about industrial supply chains or future technologies – if it relies on a computer being controlled remotely, data integrity is crucial.

Manage your data securely

With our Data Centric Security solution, you can make sure your data integrity is up to scratch. The solution is based in blockchain technology, and unlike lots of data encryption frameworks, you don't need a public key and a private key to code or decode the data. There are signatures, but none of them have to be private. The data you want to verify will been signed with a hash and a timestamp forming part of the blockchain. Using this data and the signature, the data can be independently verified across many different organizations.

That means if you suffer a security attack or breach, you can detect it, withstand it, respond to it and – most importantly – recover from it. So, with our Data Centric Security, you can invest in digital industrialization with confidence.

When it comes to applying blockchain technology, we need to focus on complying with processes and regulations, and industrial IoT

Securing industrial devices attached to the cloud

Complying with processes and regulations

Major industry players understand that data assets in the cloud can be meddled with, especially those in IoT.

Find out more about Blockchain Data Integrity through a look at GE Predix

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