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Blockchain data integrity

Data assets stored in the cloud can be vulnerable to tampering. This core security problem has deterred some key industries—particularly those heavily regulated with regards to the movement and storage of sensitive data—from moving their IT operations to the cloud. Widespread adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) has also been hampered by the need to ensure that data flowing to and from IoT devices cannot be corrupted or tampered with, potentially causing accidents on industrial scales.

Ericsson's data integrity assurance service—known as Blockchain Data Integrity— is now being rolled out for GE's Predix industrial cloud platform and helps reduce business risks by proactively detecting threats caused by data tampering or data corruption.

What is data integrity assurance?

Ericsson's Blockchain Data Integrity service gives application developers and their end users a powerful way to be sure that data assets stored on the cloud have not been tampered with. Using a Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI™) via a RESTful API, it lets an application's users:

  • generate a non-reversible signature for their data
  • extend the signature, or publicize it
  • verify that the current version of a data asset has not been altered since it was signed

You can use this service to ensure that data, configurations, and firmware have not been tampered with, and to provide evidence and proof of legal and regulatory compliance.

Blockchain data integrity features

  • Scale: The service is massively scalable with consistent performance, regardless of the volume of clients or the volume of signed and verified data
  • Portability: The service is portable across geographies, organizational boundaries, and service providers
  • Real-time protection: Data verification signatures are completed in milliseconds allowing clients to perform continuous monitoring and tamper detection
  • Long-term signature validity: Proof is based on hash functions and does not expire
  • Carrier-grade: The solution architecture delivers 99.999 percent availability
  • Quantum-immune: Proof stays valid; there is no dependence on asymmetric or elliptic curve cryptography

Get started now

Blockchain Data Integrity provides a client software development kit (SDK) that makes it easier and faster for software developers to write applications that communicate with Data Integrity Assurance within GE Predix. The SDK contains a set of APIs that allow application developers to perform Blockchain Data Integrity functions, including signing data as well as verifying and extending signatures from client-side applications.

Download the SDK (executable jar file) - will require signing a license agreement

Download the user guide (pdf, Rev D, August 2017)