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Ericsson Offers Blockchain Data Integrity Assurance for General Electric Predix

Ericsson Blockchain Data Integrity Assurance micro-service is now available for the GE Digital Predix Platform. It provides fully auditable, trustworthy and compliant data to all Predix developers and users.

GE Digital Predix is a cloud-based platform and marketplace for industrial applications that power the digital economy, such as IoT. The Predix platform collects and analyzes data at scale to optimize business outcomes for GE and non-GE assets.

GE Digital and Ericsson have a shared vision of driving digital transformation by connecting the IT and industrial worlds. With this common goal in mind, both companies have entered into an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) relationship to deliver critical services for Predix.

Data Integrity Assurance is critical for industrial applications, such as power, transport, medical, aerospace and other applications where verifiable trust is a stringent requirement for business and regulatory compliance.

Ericsson’s Blockchain service

With Ericsson’s Blockchain service, Predix builders and buyers can automatically generate and verify tamperproof, irreversible signatures. This guarantees the integrity of digital assets and the software supply chain, including user data, system configuration and firmware.

The service provides an independently verifiable chain of custody for data pipelines and workflows, from data capture to storage, without reliance on central trust authorities or PKI.

Using Blockchain Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI)™, the service delivers massive scale, near real-time signature verification, post-quantum proof and 99.9 percent service availability.

Boosting the app economy

GE’s ISV program is intended to drive a rich portfolio of industry solutions and a thriving marketplace for Predix applications. Predix and its ISV ecosystem delivers the scale, resilience, security and data integrity required by industrial applications. GE Predix will ultimately accelerate the industrial app economy, giving customers greater access to digital tools that increase productivity and cost savings.

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