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The importance of Network Security

Over the past few years, enterprises have faced a growing number of attacks and threats to their IT networks. For the telecom industry, moving from TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) based to IP-based networks has been a key success factor for MBB (Mobile Broadband). But despite this crucial move, the reality is that threats to mobile networks are continuing to rise.

Security with data at the heart

Ericsson has a unique blockchain-based approach to verifying and protecting data.

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Ericsson Radio Access Network Security

Our Radio Access Network Security solution brings together a number of security mechanisms to lower the risk of intrusions, including:

  • Node security
  • O&M security
  • IPsec
  • Real-time security event logging

The security need of radio access networks and services are essential for keeping Mobile networks moving. The Radio Access Network Security solution makes up part of the Evolved IP Network Solution, which tests, checks and brings together the applicable nodes needed to build a network. The solution brings complete security to every part of the network, even to those that are more difficult to manage, for example radio nodes that are often found in untrusted, public areas. Built-in IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) is automatically built into radio nodes, as part of the Radio Access Network Security solution. IPsec includes essential security measures, such as encryption, certificate-based authentication and integrity protection between the radio nodes and IPsec security gateways. The Ericsson Evolved IP Network makes sure that all radio and security gateways are connected, before being introduced to customer networks. It also brings together public key infrastructure systems, providing certificate management on radio and security gateway systems.

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Ericsson Core IP Network Security

Security threats and attacks to Core IP networks are constantly evolving. As core networks continue to transition to IP based networks, this is placing more pressure on service providers and enterprises to make sure key network assets, services, data in transit and customers stay protected.

Ericsson Core IP Network Security

The Evolved IP Network solution has been created with this in mind. Perimeter protection has been designed with network security needs at the heart, using internet gateways or firewalls, traffic domain separation (in the form of VLAN and VPN structure), access control and node hardening recommendations.

The movement from mobile core networks to all-IP has brought it with more threats. It is no longer enough to secure networks with basic node protection using node hardening, packet filtering, and traditional firewall protection with DPI (Deep Packet Inspection). We are seeing the number of distributed denial-of-service attacks growing, which can shut down entire services and negatively impact revenues. Service providers and enterprises need to be prepared for new attacks that can target services and applications at higher layers. By introducing network security functions like intrusion detection and prevention, antivirus/malware and content filtering, organizations can confidently protect their systems.

The Evolved IP Network solution

Ericsson Signaling Security

The everyday use of roaming services by mobile users is thanks to a number of interconnecting mobile networks. At every interconnection point, signaling traffic is transferred from one network to another. The signaling is based on SS7 for GSM and WCDMA networks and Diameter for LTE and 5G networks. But, the connection points are prime targets for attack. Location tracking, eavesdropping, credential theft, SMS interception and discovery of the network topology are just some of the risks.

Ericsson offer complete signaling security services, alongside consulting and security assessments such as penetration testing for signaling protocols. The Ericsson Diameter Signaling Controller and IP-STP behaves as an effective firewall for SS7 and diameter signaling to protect against the risks described above.

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