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Professional security services and solutions

With our professional security services, you can protect your data assets for 5G, IoT and legacy systems and ensure your business stays resilient.

Professional services

It's no secret that digital transformation is approaching at all levels of industry. And as businesses become more and more digital, security becomes even more of an issue. Our professional security services and end-to-end security solutions are ready to take on the challenge.

What’s our focus?

Using our strategy and customers' environments, we've fine-tuned our portfolio of Professional Security Services. In our R&D we've focused on addressing the most pressing security issues in industry. That way, we're able to help businesses get on with it, without worrying about the risks their digital footprints bring.

Our security focus areas

We like to help our customers keep on doing what they do best by ensuring their security is up to scratch.

  • Giving insight into their industry at all levels
  • Making sure their security is resilient and able to respond to threats
  • Automating the ability to monitor and remedy security
  • Scaling and optimizing industry solutions

Keeping the data secure

With more people accessing more data than ever, for many different purposes, it's even more essential to secure authorized access and ensure data integrity.

Building a secure cloud
Identities in the IoT

Let's talk about IoT identities

Strong identities are essential in the Internet of Things, especially when it comes to access control and end-to-end security. That's true whether we're talking about platforms or multi-vendor ecosystems.

Our products and technologies are able to prevent attacks from both outside and within our customer networks. By identifying and putting a stop to (D)DOS-attacks, we can prevent the network from being overloaded and ward off any damage or disruption to the business. Using this method, we're able to come up with specially tailored strategies for a range of business scenarios.

Figuring out the 5G challenge

5G presents all kinds of opportunities, but it will bring its fair share of challenges too. With a range of new trust and delivery models, the threats are evolving fast, and privacy is on everyone's mind. At Ericsson, we prefer to tackle this challenge head-on, focusing on security assurance, taking a multilevel approach to identity management, emphasizing security-controlled radio network architecture, and prioritizing cloud security and energy efficient security solutions ripe for scaling for IoT.

Security assurance can be measured – so we prefer to step up to the challenge and tackle the gaps in maturity scale, taking a balanced approach to ensure the best business outcomes. By making the most of their processes, tools and technologies, we help our customers' business operations become as agile and responsive as they need to be.

  • Comprehensive, continuous assessments
  • Proactively detect threats
  • Robust defense design
  • Enable agile, resilient operations

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