Security seminar held at Mobile World Congress 2018

We know ICT cyber security is a serious issue, now you have the chance to learn more about the solutions. Get a view from the frontlines of ICT security.

Are you investing in the right places, or are you leaving the doors open to your ICT infrastructure?
Listen in to get a holistic perspective on security from leaders in telecom, tech and the private and public sectors.

Introduction and Security challenges

Bodil Josefsson

Bodil Josefsson, Head of IoT security, Ericsson

Key security pillars

Erik Ekudden

Erik Ekudden, CTO, Ericsson

The Dutch perspective on cybersecurity in smart mobility

Caspar de Jonge, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure

Caspar de Jonge, Program Manager, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure

Building a Secure Infrastructure for IIOT

Jennine Sullivan

Jennine Sullivan, Senior Associate, GE Ventures

5G Security Challenges

Alejandro Becerra González

Alejandro Becerra González, Group CISO, Telefonica