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Ericsson Garage

Ericsson Garage

Ericsson Garages are home to innovations and ideas that support Ericsson's vision of a Networked Society, connectivity will enable powerful transformations. Inspired by Lean Startup methodologies, the network of global Garages work with short development cycles in close dialog with its stakeholders. This way, the teams learn fast, pivot rapidly to deliver solutions that go above and beyond our customer's needs. The results are considered opportunities for further investment and business incubation.

Learn more about how we innovate at the Ericsson Garage

Capital A Partners

Cap A

Capital A Partners, "CAP A" is an early stage, Preferred Seed and Series A venture capital firm operating out of Stockholm, Sweden, New York, NY, USA & Charleston, SC, USA. CAP A invests in B2B tech companies focused on the global marketplace in areas of Mobility, Security, Human / Digital Interface and "Infrastructure of Things". The fund's expertise lies in investing in and bridging these top companies from the Nordics and Israel to the USA market.

For more information, visit the Capital A Partners website

Butterfly ventures


Butterfly Ventures is a pre-seed & seed stage focused startup development and venture fund management company. Butterfly Venture Fund III, focuses on hardware and deep tech startups whose business is built around unique, often protected and hard to reproduce technology, inclusive of research based innovation and co-operations with universities.

For more information, visit the Butterfly Ventures website