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Meet the finalists on the Ericsson Garage Startup Challenge

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Over 150 global start-ups registered for the Ericsson Garage Start-up Challenge in just three weeks. Nine of them got the chance to pitch in front of a fully packed Ericsson Studio on September 5th, 2017. The Dragon's Den consisted of Tanya Marvin-Horowitz, Co-founder and Managing Partner at CAP A and Partner at Butterfly Ventures, Börje Ekholm, President and CEO of Ericsson and Ville Heikkenin, Partner, Butterfly Ventures. The event also consisted of a fireside chat with Sandor Albrecht, Founder of Ericsson Garage, Petra Dalunde, COO of Urban ICT Arena and Joseph Michael, Head of Startups/Tech at Invest Stockholm. The audience also got the chance to listen in to a remote interview with e-Hub South Africa.

The competition was a collaboration between the STHLM Tech Fest and the Ericsson Garage and offered entrepreneurs a chance to be considered for a venture capital investment and technology incubation through the Ericsson Garage global network. The judges looked for areas of innovation, business potential and sustainability impact.

The 2017 Grand Prize was awarded to

Hiveonline provides a total small and micro business solution for many routine tasks such as invoice payment, supply chain management and payroll. Hiveonline automates these functions and allows business owners to focus on their core business rather than administrative tasks.

The 2017 First Prize was awarded to

Vyer Technologies

Vyer Technologies has developed a smart system for BIM (building information modeling). The technology allows building management staff to collect data from various IoT modules and use that information to lower energy and maintenance costs. The system also allows buildings to be run with


Sensefarm provides a private network for IoT devices. The network provides protection from GSM/ cloud network outages, along with added security using LoRa-based technology.

The 2017 Second Prize was awarded to


The Kelisec method is a new revolutionary way to transfer secure communication without keys. This method replaces the old and existing PKI-solution (Public Key Infrastructure). Kelisec's security solution can be used for anything from financial transactions to IoT, e-health, AI and securing Blockchain technology (node-to-multinode). The method is quantum computer safe and scientifically proven to be secure against all known attacks and man-in-the-middle attacks.


Secumobi provides an Etherium-blockchain-based solution to the distribution of public (digital) keys for IoT devices.


Chainside provides businesses with an application programming interface (API) for integrating data into a blockchain. Chainside not only allows companies to utilize blockchain technology for data processing and smart contracts, but can also enable them to make payments through cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

The 2017 Third Prize was awarded to


iOptiBiz has developed OptiEdge, a product for Efficient Workforce Management, which help Organizations increase Internal Fulfillment, reduce external hiring and improve Economic Utilization. It has various modules including Contract Budgeting, Annual Budgeting, Forecasting, Project Planning, Resource Requisition, Resource Pool, Virtual Bench, Demand-Supply Match, Resource Proposal, Allocations, Resource Release, Timesheet, Efforts to Billing, Unaccrual and several Dashboards such as Efforts Leakage, Daily Utilization, Economic Utilization etc.


Katla is looking to disrupt air travel by producing the first affordable electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for private use, using kit planes.


Asteria is a new and easy way for corporations to truly understand their cash flow and to make it smart. It reduces manual administration, with a simple and cost-effective solution.

The prizes

Grand prize

  • 1 startup will be offered a fast track to final investment meeting and decision up to €50k with Cap A or Butterfly
  • Incubation for 8 months, with Ericsson Garage in Kista, Sweden
  • Unlimited access to the Urban ICT Arena for one year

  • 2 startups will win, 3 hours of mentoring and investment consideration with Cap A or Butterfly
  • Incubation for 8 months, with Ericsson Garage in Kista, Sweden
  • Unlimited access to the Urban ICT Arena for one year
2nd prize

  • 3 startups will win, 1 hour of mentoring & investments consideration with Cap A or Butterfly
  • Free access to run a project and test in the Urban ICT arena for 3 months
3rd prize

  • 3 startups will get free access to run a project and test in the Urban ICT arena for 1 month

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