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Open innovation platform

At the Ericsson Garage Summit, we showcased live demos and highlights from Ericsson Garages all over the world and discussed how to tackle future 5G and IoT use cases and applications across industries to create emerging business. Our CEO Börje Ekholm also participated in a live Dragons Den where start-ups pitched to enter our incubator program. Check out highlights, interviews and demos from the event here below.

Snapshots from Ericsson Garage Summit 2018

Meet the latest startups in our incubator program

Ericsson Garage has launched an incubator program for promising startups. Get to know the latest startups in the incubator here.

HypeLabs presentation at Ericsson Garage Summit 2018


The Hype SDK, an interoperable cross-platform mesh networking software that improves connectivity on all kinds of devices, from mobile to desktop to IoT, allowing them to connect even when there is no internet. It works by connecting these devices in local mesh networks using existing connectivity technologies, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Lora, the Internet and others. This network enables content to hop between devices until it reaches a destination or an Internet exit point, improving range and deliverability.

Imagicase startup


At imagiCase we want to inspire the next generation of female technologists and increase the proportion of women studying and working in the STEM fields. imagiCase started as a research project where we co-created ideas with young girls and where we learned that self-expression is extremely important to teenagers, as well as their cell phones. This is how the idea of imagiCase was born: we are creating a mobile platform for coding education coupled with customizable hardware devices.



SarvAI offers a robust computer vision prototyping platform, called Sherlock, which analyses visual data in real-time and in a customizable fashion. Sherlock enables code free and intuitive experimentation with such novel technologies dynamic structure is a novel cloud /edge computing system which consists of a novel backend, supporting the drag and drop design tool and accessible API for customizability and an advanced dynamic analytics platform. This system is designed to enable dynamic and real-time analysis of data feeds coming from different cameras, image sensors and other sources.

Build-r when pitching at the Ericsson Garage Summit 2018


Robotic drywall mounting for increased productivity and fewer worn out workers. We are currently developing an autonomous system for drywall mounting. Installation of dry wall is a time consuming, repetitive, monotonous and heavy task, with boards weighing 20kg and up. These characteristics make it a perfect task for a robot, not a perfect task for a human. Our system comprises an industrial robotic arm equipped with a tool for lifting and fastening gypsum boards mounted on an AGV. We increase the productivity on the construction site by introducing a system that can work tirelessly without rest. We are currently on-boarded to ABB´s SynerLeap in Västerås.



We provide a logistics platform that enables supply chain and logistics managers to get full control over processes. Clients connect existing data sources to our platform, from GPS to RFID and manual scans. We can also provide IoT sensors from us or our partners. Our technology, which is based on ML and AI, constantly learns the monitored processes. This enables our clients to understand their operations in very detail. And, as our platform learns these processes, it can predict events, detect deviations, optimize operations and pre-calculate arrival times.

Demo Smart Habits

Demo MusiConnect

Demo Connected Wheelchair

Demo CUTE (transport optimization)

Demo CoCo

Demo Urban ICT Arena

Demo Real Time Precise Localization

Hack for good