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Ongoing projects

Public transport optimization

By analysing big data collected from mobile networks and public transport systems at Ericsson Garage in Budapest, we can create detailed human mobility data within a transport network and drive better optimization of public transport management.

CoCo - Connected travel companion

Developed at the Ericsson Garage Eurolab, CoCo is a personal and wearable technology solution that uses NFC card authorization, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 5G network connection to keep a child safe and entertained when travelling alone.

Smart habits

Increasing pressure is being put on caregivers in an ageing European population. Created by Ericsson Garage in Croatia, Smart Habits uses simple, unobtrusive sensors in the home to alert family members when anomalous behavior is detected, providing reassurance and peace of mind.

Increased SME manufacturing productivity

To stay competitive the manufacturing industry must increase its productivity. We're using next generation automatization and digitalization to figure out how machines are used in a manufacturing environment, then leveraging that data to give SMEs a tool to increase overall productivity.

Concluded Projects

Van zooming on the road

Transport Trailer Asset Management

Together with Sequans and Gemalto, Ericsson Garage Ottawa has developed a low cost, long battery life tracking solution for commercial trailers. This helps them save money, use time and assets efficiently, and make more money with new ways of using this exciting form of massive IoT technology.

Gamifying sports in Budapest

We partnered with Gold Center, Eötvös Loránd University Communication Networks Laboratory and the High Speed Networks Lab at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics to introduce new games based on existing sport facilities and equipment, to improve training and fun for professionals, amateurs and hobby players.

Building tomorrow’s mine with Boliden

By applying high precision indoor positioning and cloud automation to mine security and production, our partner can run a mine at increased efficiency with a huge improvement in safety for the miners.

Retail experience

Refining retail with IKEA

IKEA know everything about their online customers' preferences, but need further insight in store. Our sensors enabled them to monitor real-time movement and orientation, analyzing bigger and better data than ever to improve the shopping experience for everyone.

Remote vehicle unlock

Remote vehicle unlock in Silicon Valley

Unlocking and locking a car using the proximity of a mobile phone carrying an electronic key. The key can restrict the resources used in the car and can be issued and shared from the owner's mobile phone.

buses parked at a corner

Automated networked transport in Kista

By connecting through an ultra low-latency network with network slicing, bus drivers can get advice on speed and routes to optimize service for travelers based on real-time mobility analytics.

man looking at a drone

Telehaptic drone control in Kista

The ability to receive haptic data in real time via 5G cloud connectivity enables drone pilots even greater control, opening up entirely new possibilities for the application of drones in a growing industry.

Feeling the beat with Universal

The Streamr app, developed with Universal Music, enhances the concert experience with the ability to stream live video to other users inside the arena, to the large arena screens or a cloud-based content portal.

Secure cloud communication with SEB Banking

SEB wanted to get closer to its customers online while maintaining complete cyber-security. The cloud communication solution enabled more convenient, closer relationships while keeping data safer than ever.


Capillary Data Fusion in Jorvas High-tech Center

We created a way to collect, fuse and interpret capillary data for application in facility management and the monitoring of building utilization, demonstrating the power of complex data analytics via the cloud in the Jorvas High-tech Center, Finland.

Explore other industry collaboration projects

Reliable communications

We count on reliable communications, especially when time is of the essence and safety is paramount. Future networks will need to perform and protect more than ever before, providing the information required to react faster and more efficiently.

Making way for process automation

The commercial world is entering a new era in process automation – one where the physical and cyber worlds converge.

Capturing the power of data analytics

Today, exciting new technological advances are transforming the way information is collected and made available.