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A strategy of business innovation

From idea to market with collaborative innovation partnership

Ericsson Garage is an open-door technology incubator. Providing a global workspace for digital innovation and creativity means that Ericsson will always be at the forefront of new thinking. Working with partners means this thinking is always focused on solving problems in the real world.

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The Ericsson Garage design process is based on Lean Startup Methodology. By focusing on real user needs and pain points at every step, this scientific approach to innovation guarantees that the idea to business process ends with a useful product. The Ericsson Garage acts as a startup incubator, and Ericsson has already begun engaging with teams and projects that are looking for the perfect space to get to work.

Each project starts when a colleague within Ericsson or an external partner identifies a potential problem that needs a solution. This could be adjacent to current work or in an entirely new area of research.

The idea is verified by an external partner, and then reviewed by a panel prior to entry into the Ericsson Garage.

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As a corporate incubator, Ericsson Garage provides a platform and a much-needed space for the innovation community. This open model ensures maximum cross-pollination of new thinking, plus provides an inspirational opportunity for anyone in the company to bring about real, innovative change.

User-focused design

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Wherever in the world the business innovation project is taking place, the Ericsson Garage post-entry process is the same. It starts with an initial design burst to boil the proposition down to the Minimum Viable Product – the most basic form of the solution.

Once complete, the prototype is evaluated and tested on the industrial stage, then re-iterated until a viable product is ready. The user stays at the center of every decision made throughout this process.

Each project takes under 12 months, and once complete it is time to meet the world. Whether this is investment through Ericsson or an external investor, it is the moment the idea becomes ready for commercialization and industrialization.