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Unified Delivery Network (UDN)

Ericsson UDN is building the world's first TRUE edge delivery network at WEBSCALE, driving performance benefits and cost efficiencies. Together, we create a global edge network that offers the highest performance to consumers. We are investing directly to deploy the core network and more importantly, bringing Content provider and applications traffic to UDN.

Ericsson Emodo

Ericsson Emodo transforms data into results for mobile network operators, advertisers, and publishers by uniquely delivering quality, scale, neutrality and maturity in every solution.

Our data solutions help mobile network operators drive more revenue from their data assets, help advertisers more accurately find and engage audiences and help publishers increase the value of their ad inventory.

Internet of Things

Within 5 years, 2 billion things will be connected with cellular technology. And that’s not even including smartphones. It will be connected cars, robots, shipping containers, agricultural fields, traffic systems – you name it. But with great possibilities come great questions: how to bundle offerings, how to connect, how to ensure you’re really open for 5G business? That’s why we believe in collaborating, using our end-to-end capabilities and expertise to help you along the way—or, the entire way. So let’s take on IoT together.